Electricity for your home


SB Power provides a reliable electrical supply at reasonable rates with no disruption to your supply when you change from your current provider. We offer a variety of services, including plans that offer even greater savings when combined with SoftBank's communication services, and plans that are environmentally friendly.


Low-voltage services for small businesses


We provide reliable electricity at reasonable rates to stores,restaurants, and other small businesses. Billing can be combined with SoftBank's communication services to reduce the accounting burden. We can also accommodate customers who require high voltage power.


Outsourcing services to support new electricity retailers


We offer outsourcing services for new electricity retailers – from a reliable supply of wholesale power to accurate supply-and-demand management and high-quality customer support. And all at a reasonable price.


Watch over your home and loved ones


SB Power offers a range of services that allow you to watch over your family and home with your smartphone. For example, by using our services together with IoT sensors you can confirm the safety of family members or receive a notification when your children return home. Security and peace of mind wherever you are.